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44. Apple Crisp p.812

44. Apple Crisp p.812

Sorry, no recipe.
The Book and I do not get along when it comes to dessert. It’s becoming a tired refrain, but it calls for too much sugar in just about everything.
Familiarity as we all know breeds contempt, and I am certainly familiar with fruit crisps. If this had been an obscure Austrian confection I would [...]

27 June 2007 | Fruit Desserts, The Book | 3 Comments
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43. Rabbit With Mustard Sauce p.408

43. Rabbit With Mustard Sauce p.408

The recipe is very similar to this Epicurious version. Except that both Dijon and Whole grain mustard are used, and 2/3 cups shallots are browned in the pan before deglazing the fond.
Rabbit with… wait for it…. wait for it…. mustard sauce! yawn. It’s good, don’t get me wrong. But it seems like people hardly eat [...]

23 June 2007 | Poultry, The Book | 7 Comments
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42. Pan-Browned Brussels Sprouts p.526

42. Pan-Browned Brussels Sprouts p.526

the recipe
A while back I mentioned that I’d think about opening a restaurant that specializes in helping adults overcome their childhood food traumas. Brussels sprouts will feature prominently on the menu. This preparation is the perfect reintroduction to this maligned vegetable. Boiled or steamed they can be fairly one-note bitter, and overcooked they have that [...]

22 June 2007 | The Book, Vegetables | 5 Comments
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41. Orange-Poppy Seed Cake p.706

41. Orange-Poppy Seed Cake p.706

Sorry, no recipe.
I made this cake for a friend’s birthday party. The best way I can describe it is as a brunchy coffee-cake dressed up for dinner. During the day it works down at the espresso shack as that cute poppy seed loaf in the counter. It’s moist and rich with sour cream, and has [...]

20 June 2007 | Cakes, The Book | 3 Comments
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Back at it

Sorry for the long absence. I’ve been traveling, and my home computer crashed while I was away. I have all my notes and photos on this machine, so my grand scheme of writing blog posts while driving the pacific coast was thwarted. I had an amazing vacation, but I’m happy to be back to my [...]

20 June 2007 | The Project | 3 Comments


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