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In Good Company

Turns out I’m not the only one hellbent on cooking their way through The Book. Teena over at has been doing exactly the same thing for more than a year. She’s done 379 to date, which makes me believe it’s possible I’ll eventually finish.

Want a second opinion? Want to know how the fish would have turned out if I hadn’t burned it? Like the project but hate my writing? Just can’t get enough Gourmet Cookbook recipe reviews? Then check her out.


I'm a graduate student in Montreal. I spend most of my time studying drug addiction using brain imaging techniques. I'm also a foodie, exploring the culinary world both in and out of my kitchen.

4 replies on “In Good Company”

It’s interesting that both you and she are graduate students. Does this mean that only graduate students are crazy enough to attempt something like this?

Alas with a sample size of only 2 we probably can’t make any statistically-significant statements at this time.

Yea, I was wondering about that too. Maybe it’s just that us grad student types have more flexible schedules? She’s at MIT; perhaps it’s scientists liking good documentation? The world may never know.

Could love be cooking in the stew pot that is KC’s heart?? Star crossed food bloggers, a love story 😉

My heart belongs to another Bill. Unfortunately for you dear readers, there will be no torrid bloggy love affairs here.

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