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And Then There Were Four

The cooking-the-whole-Gourmet-Cookbook trio has become a quartet. Adam, inspired by the recent WSJ article, has started his own version of the project. Cheer him on at Gourmet, all the way.
Best of luck Adam!

18 June 2008 | Food Blogs | 6 Comments

The Gourmet Project in The Wall Street Journal

The Gourmet Project in The Wall Street Journal

Extra Extra! There’s an article about cook-though blogs like this one in today’s Wall Street Journal. There’s even a quote from me in there. This is the first mainstream media attention The Project has attracted, and I’m honoured to have it come from such a prestigious publication. You can access the article through the WSJ [...]

28 May 2008 | Food Blogs, The Project | 13 Comments
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And Then There Were Three…

And Then There Were Three...

I was just googling for an online version of a recipe from The Book, and lo-and-behold I discovered another version of The Project. I’ve known about Teena’s take on The Project since I started writing this blog, but I was surprised to discover that Melissa at Cooking Gourmet has been blogging her way through The [...]

17 April 2008 | Food Blogs, The Project | 4 Comments
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New Kid On The Block

I’m pleased to introduce a new food and wine blog to the web. My dining companion has started writing about the restaurants we visit, the wines we drink, the products we love, and her experiences as devotee of the good life in Montreal. I look forward to her lessons in leisure, and invite you all [...]

30 October 2007 | Food Blogs, The Project | 3 Comments
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In Good Company

Turns out I’m not the only one hellbent on cooking their way through The Book. Teena over at has been doing exactly the same thing for more than a year. She’s done 379 to date, which makes me believe it’s possible I’ll eventually finish.
Want a second opinion? Want to know how the fish [...]

12 March 2007 | Food Blogs | 4 Comments


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