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The Gourmet Project in The Wall Street Journal

Extra Extra! There’s an article about cook-though blogs like this one in today’s Wall Street Journal. There’s even a quote from me in there. This is the first mainstream media attention The Project has attracted, and I’m honoured to have it come from such a prestigious publication. You can access the article through the WSJ website, there’s also a page of links with excerpts from the cook-through blogs profiled. I discovered a bunch of amazing new blogs, it’s well worth a look.


I'm a graduate student in Montreal. I spend most of my time studying drug addiction using brain imaging techniques. I'm also a foodie, exploring the culinary world both in and out of my kitchen.

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Hey KC, the article estimates:

The grocery bills for the entire Gourmet collection is expected to run between $30,000 and $40,000.

Do you agree with that estimate of the cost of this project?

Yep, Teena at the other gourmet project laid out some estimates and came up with an average cost of ~$25 / recipe which works out to ~$32,000. We Canadians don’t enjoy the same farm subsidies and cheap food our American friends do, so I figure I’m looking at $40,000 over 8 years. $5,000/year isn’t totally crazy since The Project makes up about half of our food budget.

Indeed. I don’t think it’s an outrageous sum considering that you get to consume the results. If you only considered the excess cost of the project (above and beyond what you would have otherwise spent on food), it’s probably quite reasonable (and cheaper than many other hobbies).

Cool that your quote finishes the article. We leave it remembering to check out your blog. Awesome!

Now go make me some macaroons!

Thanks Sarah!

Nique: Yea, I’m really pleased. It’s a bit of a schmaltzy quote, but it has pride of place. Your dining companion cooks, get him to make you macaroons.

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