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And Then There Were Three…

I was just googling for an online version of a recipe from The Book, and lo-and-behold I discovered another version of The Project. I’ve known about Teena’s take on The Project since I started writing this blog, but I was surprised to discover that Melissa at Cooking Gourmet has been blogging her way through The Book too. She’s been at it since March 2007, and it looks like she’s done about the same number of recipes as I have. Definitely worth checking out. So, are there any other versions of The Project out there? What about other “cook my way through a whole cookbook” blogs worth reading? I’ve been following Carol’s ode to Thomas Keller with her French Laundry at Home project, anyone else I should know about?


I'm a graduate student in Montreal. I spend most of my time studying drug addiction using brain imaging techniques. I'm also a foodie, exploring the culinary world both in and out of my kitchen.

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Last yr I read a blog where they did the 365 days, no repeats cookbook by Rachel Ray. They had alot of mixed results. This yr they were going to do Nigella Lawsons. But then changed their minds and shut down their blog!!! Was really disappointed in it.
Anyway..I deleted them from my fav’s. But she wrote really well, and it was really entertaining. Rachel Ray’s food always comes off as “real food” quick and easy, and their project sort of showed it wasn’t always like that.

Oh yea, I read that for the last month and a half of their project, but I didn’t follow them to the new Nigella attempt. Sorry to hear it didn’t work of for them, but as I recall they had new babies and houses to renovate. I can understand not wanting the insane commitment of cooking from a book every day. I’m really glad I decided against trying to do The Project on such a rigorous schedule.

KC, fellow obsessive kitchen warrior! Nice to meet a comrade. I love your blog–it’s so ORGANIZED. You must be a grad student in something analytical. I’m looking forward to comparing notes. Thanks for finding me!

I’m a neuroscientist, and I do brain imaging studies of drug addiction. The physicists tell me it’s not hard science, but it’s analytical enough for me. The Project does bring out the obsessive scientist in me, and if The Blog feels a bit like a lab book sometimes, I’m OK with that.

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