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And Then There Were Three…

I was just googling for an online version of a recipe from The Book, and lo-and-behold I discovered another version of The Project. I’ve known about Teena’s take on The Project since I started writing this blog, but I was surprised to discover that Melissa at Cooking Gourmet has been blogging her way through The Book too. She’s been at it since March 2007, and it looks like she’s done about the same number of recipes as I have. Definitely worth checking out. So, are there any other versions of The Project out there? What about other “cook my way through a whole cookbook” blogs worth reading? I’ve been following Carol’s ode to Thomas Keller with her French Laundry at Home project, anyone else I should know about?

The Project

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

My friend, and regular Gourmet Project commenter, Nique writes a weekly comic devoted to thinly veiled jabs at the people in her life. This week she shows her appreciation for The Project. Check out all of her fine work at

In other news, operation 60 in 60 is significantly behind. I’ve done 30 in 45, not quite the pace I was hoping to set. So I’ll need accelerate to two recipes per day for the next couple of weeks to get up to #113 by Sept 14th.

On a brighter note I’ve finished the backlog of dishes from the spring of 2006, and can now focus on the spring of 2007.