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18. Brandied Chicken Liver Pâté p.22

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This worked out surprisingly well. My dining companion was a bit skeptical when I said I’d be making a pâté, but I think we were both suitably pleased with it. It was very smooth with a mild flavour, and the aromas of the cognac really coming through. I’d never had fruit in a pâté before, and the sweetness of the currants (I cheated and used small raisins) was a really nice addition.

Actually making this was a bit offputting. I didn’t much enjoy watching the livers swirl into a paste in the food processor, and tasting for seasoning while it was still hot was an experience I wouldn’t rush to repeat. Once it had cooled and had a bit of time to come together it was absolutely delicious. That said, this is not a pâté for those who are at all squeamish about liver. This is more like a smooth liverwurst than the more terrine like pâtés you often run into.

I had a good time gathering mildly grossed out looks from friends when I told them about this one, it would seem that liver isn’t too popular amongst my social set. Mes amis végétarien, I devote this post to you.


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Wow… such vim. I think of currants as one of the great underused fruits. Raisin’s are clumsily sweet, while currants have a wonderful texture, and taste fruity but not candied. I have very fond memories of my Mom baking scones full of currants on a Saturday morning.

Currants have done nothing for humanity. Currants scones are a mockery. Une mockerie! Seriously though their texture is too rough. The one good thing about raisins, especially when baked, is that they plump up after absorbing water and become little road-side bombs when ever you eat them. They blow up, then leave you crippled. But you’ll never forget them.

Nique: I’ll do my best to keep her food on the inside

AL: That’s it, you’re coming over for breakfast and I’m make scones with currants… I’ll show you… I’ll show you all!

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