200. Roast Pork Shoulder Cubano: Puerco Asado p.477

200. Roast Pork Shoulder Cubano: Puerco Asado p.477

The recipe
Very few things in life are as good, or as simple as roast pork. The bachelor party tradition among my group of friends is to spit-roast a pig over charcoal. We recently went in on a roaster and put it through it’s paces before my wedding. Spending the afternoon hanging out and watching the [...]

9 December 2008 | Beef, Veal, Pork, and Lamb, The Book | 5 Comments
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47. Cuban Black-Beans p.267

47. Cuban Black-Beans p.267

No recipe for this one.
These beans were fine, completely middle of the road fine. They’re pretty standard soaked black beans with a bit of bacon, green pepper, cider vinegar, and a bay leaf added. The effect of these added flavours was very subtle, so subtle you might not notice them at all. I tried them [...]

5 July 2007 | Grains and Beans, The Book | Comments Off
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