193. Beets with Lime Butter p.523

193. Beets with Lime Butter p.523

The recipe
This was a very simple, and highly effective preparation for beets. My dining companion is mildly obsessed with beets, and we certainly eat more of them than the average couple. We tend to stick to Ukrainian, or Eastern European preparations, or pair them with goat cheese in salads. This week a friend brought an [...]

30 August 2008 | The Book, Vegetables | 1 Comment
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187. Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes p.584

187. Roasted Spiced Sweet Potatoes p.584

The recipe
I served these sweet potatoes along with Lillie’s North Carolina Chopped Barbecue , and they were a lovely accompaniment. I should have though about the colour palate of our dinner before pairing sweet potatoes and barbecue, the plate was a little orange. You may eat with your eyes first, but the important bit is [...]

29 August 2008 | The Book, Vegetables | 4 Comments
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120. Scallops Provençale p.319

120. Scallops Provençale p.319

The recipe from Epicurious is similar to The Book’s version, but only makes half as much.
I made these for my dining companion’s parents, who came for a surprise visit. The last time I cooked for them the pyrex pan I had my gravy in exploded, so I was a bit nervous about this dinner. We [...]

18 November 2007 | Fish and Shellfish, The Book | 5 Comments
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