134. Mayonnaise p.886

134. Mayonnaise p.886

Surprisingly there’s no recipe on Epicurious for plain old mayonnaise.
This is The Book’s basic mayonnaise recipe, there are 7 other dressed up mayonnaises which use this recipe as a starting point, so I’ll be making it a bunch of times. As with most of the basic recipes in the book, it’s solid, but not exciting. [...]

23 December 2007 | Sauces and Salsas, The Book | 7 Comments
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33. Creamed Turnips p.588

33. Creamed Turnips p.588

the recipe
Turnips are among the most maligned and under appreciated vegetables out there. They’re right up there with Lima beans and Brussels sprouts. Some day I’ll open a restaurant serving nothing but childhood nightmare vegetables, as far as I can tell I love them all.
Turnips have got a wonderful bite to them, and should be [...]

20 April 2007 | The Book, Vegetables | 7 Comments
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