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Sprucing Up

There are a couple of new features and tweaks to the look and feel of the site. The technical wizard at Kebes inc. has whipped up a statistics page so you can track my progress in fine detail. Click on the Progress Bar, or the Statistics page link in the sidebar to see it.

Another nice addition is the Chapter by Chapter entry in the sidebar, which will let you browse the completed recipes by chapter from The Book. You’ll get a thumbnail image, the mushroom rating, and a snippet of each entry.

Beyond that we’ve made a couple of little user interface changes that should make browsing the site easier than ever. Enjoy.


I'm a graduate student in Montreal. I spend most of my time studying drug addiction using brain imaging techniques. I'm also a foodie, exploring the culinary world both in and out of my kitchen.

8 replies on “Sprucing Up”

I know you keep saying that you’re doing this “for the fun of it” and that it’s “not a competition”… but looking at those statistics automatically puts me in “goal oriented” mode.

Do you have any goals or tentative milestones? Like trying to reach at least 5% in all categories by a certain date… or trying to get your recipes/week above the 3.0 mark?

I think you should consider a “week of power” where you make one dish every day. In addition to boosting progress through the book, everyone knows that blogs need occasional gimmicks to entertain the readership.

Another gimmick could be the “feed Nique” gimmick where you make food only I would like and then you give it to me.

or… why don’t you give the food to homeless people. I am sure they could use a good lobster newburg.

MVB: If we did that I’d likely start writing nauseating prose romanticizing life on the open road, and the down to earth goodness of hobo soup. That’s just not good news for anyone.

Nique: Preferably the gimmick would involve me making your favorite dishes, delivering them hot to your door, and leaving without making eye contact?

Kebes: Alright, I get it, I’ll get to work on the sandwiches and pizza section! I will make you a stomachache’s worth of Book recipes in T.O. next month.

I like the week of power blogging idea, as catching up will be the stepping stone to new and fun gimmicks to do with the blog. So, see the next post.

KC, you know you can’t do this alone. Perhaps you should allow other people to assist you. No man can do it all on his own.

I get by with a little help from my friends. What I need are mouths to feed. AL you have been a great place to put some of the fattiest fat fat recipes in the book… keep up the good work.

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