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I’ve decided to license all of the content on this site under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License . What this means is that you are welcome to reuse, remix, sample, mash-up, fool around with, build upon, and otherwise express your creativity with all of the content of this blog. As with any good deal there are a couple of caveats and provisos. If you use a picture or text from the blog you’ve got to mention that you got the content from here. You may only use the content for non-commercial purposes. And, if you want to include my work in some future work of yours, you can only release that work under a similar creative commons license. Sound fair?

The recipes I’ve copied out of The Book are fair use samples. I don’t own the copyright on them, therefore I can’t share that copyright with you. Those recipes belong to the good people at Gourmet, and they’ve reserved all of their rights.

I’ve added the Creative commons info at the bottom of the side bar, along with a Technorati favorites button. If you’re enjoying The Project let Technorati know.


I'm a graduate student in Montreal. I spend most of my time studying drug addiction using brain imaging techniques. I'm also a foodie, exploring the culinary world both in and out of my kitchen.