66. Mocha Toffee Cashew Bars p.694

66. Mocha Toffee Cashew Bars p.694

The recipe.
Opinion varied wildly about these bars. We brought these to dinner with another couple. The guy loved them, my dining companion hated them, and the other girl and I were of mixed opinions. They’re built on a fairly dense espresso flavoured cookie base, then topped with chocolate and salted roasted cashews.
I thought things were [...]

30 July 2007 | Cookies, Bars, and Confections, The Book | Comments Off
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56. Rosemary Walnuts p.5

56. Rosemary Walnuts p.5

No recipe this time, sorry.
This is the second recipe in the book, with only Candied Walnuts coming before it. It’s a very strong start. It combines my favorite things, simple, delicious, and affordable. It’s a shame that the recipe isn’t available online, but the proportions aren’t that important anyway. All you need to do is [...]

19 July 2007 | Hors D'Oeuvres & First Courses, The Book | 6 Comments
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