151. Deviled Eggs p.27

151. Deviled Eggs p.27

The recipe
The next few recipes are from a cocktail party we held in honour of a friend’s thesis defense. We invited her to celebrate her accomplishment, and be called Doctor a lot, at an intimate soirée at our place. I was planning a menu around her favourite dishes, and counting on eight to ten people. [...]

19 March 2008 | Hors D'Oeuvres & First Courses, The Book | 3 Comments
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133. Poached Salmon in Aspic p.318

133. Poached Salmon in Aspic p.318

The recipe
I had so much fun making and presenting this, that even if it been inedible, it would have been worth it. Luckily, it tasted quite good. I absolutely knew that I needed an occasion to serve this dish. In honour of the aspic coated days of yore we organized a retro-potluck extravaganza. People brought [...]

20 December 2007 | Fish and Shellfish, The Book | 4 Comments
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