164. Beef Bourguignon p.440

164. Beef Bourguignon p.440

The recipe
I grew up on boeuf bourguignon, we could be guaranteed to have it at least once a month during the winter. Since a braised dish like this is better a day or two after it’s cooked, my mom would usually make it on a Sunday, and it would sit on the chilly garage floor [...]

16 May 2008 | Beef, Veal, Pork, and Lamb, The Book | 10 Comments
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155. Fried Onion Rings p.552

155. Fried Onion Rings p.552

I can’t find the recipe for this one online.
Way back in the beginning of The Project, I mentioned that I’ve been a little gun shy about deep frying in my kitchen ever since I put some very wet potato wedges into a pot of massively overheated oil and turned my stove into a fireball. I [...]

7 April 2008 | The Book, Vegetables | 8 Comments
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27. Whole-Grain Pancakes p.646

27. Whole-Grain Pancakes p.646

Sorry, no recipe this time.
These were really really good pancakes. They’re made with whole wheat flour and cornmeal so they have a more grown up flavour and toothsome texture than than Aunt Jamima (not that I’d be caught dead making that stuff). They were kept light and fluffy by baking powder, and beaten egg whites. [...]

11 April 2007 | Breakfast and Brunch, The Book | 13 Comments
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