135. Green Mayonnaise p.887

135. Green Mayonnaise p.887

The recipe
This mayo is meant to accompany the Poached Salmon in Aspic. I wasn’t quite sure why an aspic covered fish, served with aspic on the side, needed a mayonnaise as well. My guests didn’t eat much of this mayo with the salmon, possibly because I didn’t make it obvious enough that they were meant [...]

24 December 2007 | Sauces and Salsas, The Book | 2 Comments
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102. Spaghetti with Handfuls of Herbs p.204

102. Spaghetti with Handfuls of Herbs p.204

I couldn’t find a recipe for this online, but this is more a concept than a specific set of instructions anyway. The idea is to toss spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil, butter, minced shallots, and any and all herbs growing in the garden. The pasta is then sprinkled with bread crumbs which you’ve toasted [...]

8 October 2007 | Pasta, Noodles, and Dumplings, The Book | 1 Comment
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54. Herbed Spaetzle p.241

54. Herbed Spaetzle p.241

No recipe for this one.
This recipe was a bit of a disaster. As disaster’s go it tasted quite good, but the result bore little resemblance to the recipe description. The Book says
“The tiny drop-style German dumplings called spaetzle are juged by their lightness, and these practically take flight”
My efforts yielded large, dense, and doughy [...]

17 July 2007 | Pasta, Noodles, and Dumplings, The Book | 2 Comments
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