39. Penne with Broccoli Rabe p.206

39. Penne with Broccoli Rabe p.206

I can’t find an Epicurious recipe for this one. If I had this might have been a 4.5 mushroom dish, but I can’t bear not to share this simple flavourful Tuesday night supper with the world. Here it is.
2 pounds broccoli rabe
1 pound penne
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
4 garlic cloves, sliced
1/2 teaspoon red [...]

15 May 2007 | Pasta, Noodles, and Dumplings, The Book | 24 Comments
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16. Grilled Asparagus p.521

16. Grilled Asparagus p.521

the recipe
This was the essence of restraint. One of my big problems with the vegetable recipes in the book is that they tend to go too far and try to do too much. In the process they can lose their way and end up detract from the original flavours of the vegetables. I think you [...]

25 March 2007 | The Book, Vegetables | 1 Comment
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