168. Cheddar Scallion Drop Biscuits p.597

168. Cheddar Scallion Drop Biscuits p.597

The recipe
The Boys were over for breakfast, and I decided to make them biscuits. One of them has been living down in the Carolinas for the last few years, and has become something of a biscuit connoisseur, so I didn’t dare try a traditional buttermilk biscuit. These are far simpler, and less error prone. It’s [...]

24 May 2008 | Breads and Crackers, The Book | 6 Comments
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109. Strawberry Shortcake p.813

109. Strawberry Shortcake p.813

The recipe is a variation on this one from epicurious. The main difference is that the linked recipe uses buttermilk biscuits, while The Book calls for the cream biscuits I wrote about the other day.
It starts with three pints of strawberries, hulled and quartered. This is the kind of recipe instruction that I consistently underestimate. [...]

24 October 2007 | Fruit Desserts, The Book | 5 Comments
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107. Cream Biscuits p.596

107. Cream Biscuits p.596

No, recipe appears on line, and that’s a shame.
I really enjoyed these biscuits. They’re light but not too fluffy, nicely moist, and just crumbly enough. The recipe is simplicity itself, it’s just flour, baking powder, and salt, mixed with whipping cream. After kneading it for a few seconds it’s patted into a 1/2 inch thick [...]

22 October 2007 | Breads and Crackers, The Book | 4 Comments
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