188. Crisp Sautéed Cabbage with Caraway p.527

188. Crisp Sautéed Cabbage with Caraway p.527

The recipe does not appear to appear online
You know how it goes. You get ambitious and decide to make coleslaw for that barbecue you’re hosting, and think that you should buy a big cabbage because so many are coming to this to-do. You get home and start slicing the cabbage only to discover that half [...]

29 August 2008 | The Book, Vegetables | 5 Comments
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85. Bok Choy with Soy Sauce and Butter p.524

85. Bok Choy with Soy Sauce and Butter p.524

The recipe
This is about as simple as side dishes get. Just fry up some bok choy, toss on a mixture of water, soy, oyster sauce, and butter, cook for a minute or two, then eat. I prefer baby bok choy to the gargantuan full grown versions. They don’t taste much different, but I like the [...]

1 September 2007 | The Book, Vegetables | Comments Off
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74. Lemon Coleslaw p.193

74. Lemon Coleslaw p.193

The recipe
This coleslaw is meant to be served as part of Shredded Pork and Lemon Coelsaw Sandwiches (p.192). I made the slaw on it’s own though. This dish is found in the Sandwiches and Pizzas section of The Book, and this is the first recipe I’ve done from that section. So, let’s open Sandwiches and [...]

9 August 2007 | Sandwiches & Pizzas, The Book | 2 Comments
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